DMX Called Out Ja Rule For Being Gay Back In 2002

To all those that question the Ja Rule rumors that he left his wife for a man… I just dug up some proof back from 2002! He straight up said “Give Ja Rule some X and he’ll fuck you.”

First off nothing wrong with homosexuality at all. There is no bashing going on here. We are simply reporting the news on one of the rappers that had several top topping hits for the ladies.

But…. DMX called it out back in 2002!:

DMX addressed the beef with Ja-Rule last week on San Francisco’s KMEL, calling out Ja-Rule on a number of issues, including Ja allegedly stealing DMX’s style, Ja’s sexuality, Irv Gotti and Murder Inc. “I have to set a few things straight. You got n*ggas running around running they mouth that don’t really get down like that. I just want to clear the air. First of all Gotti is my n*gga, but what he needs to do is shut the f*ck up and mind his business for a minute,” DMX said. “You are not Gotti, your name is Irving Lorenzo.” DMX said that his beef is directed only towards Ja-Rule saying that Ja has become a “fake type n*gga.” X also alleges that Rule disrespected him one night in a club.

“I kept as real as I could. I seen him in the club one night. I go over with just two of my n*ggas, say what’s up. They like 20 deep. This n*gga sends a n*gga over to me like yo, Ja’s over there. Like what the f*ck am I supposed to do, go over there and suck his d*ck?” X revealed that while he was heated, the beef would stay on record and that he has four songs already written aimed at Ja. “Ja-Rule is a diva! He can’t f*ck with X, never,” X barked.X also made the shocking claim that Ja-Rule was in fact a homosexual. “Some n*gga that was stylin his clothes for one of them shows got him ecstasy’d up and f*cked him. Ja-Rule is f*ckin n*ggas I’m telling you dog! On my momma! The n*gga told me that himself,” X said referring to the stylist. “You talkin bout me, you can’t be serious! For all them homo n*ggas out there that want some d*ck, give ya man Ja-Rule some X and he’ll f*ck you.”

DMX admitted that he had a cocaine problem, but said that he has beat the addiction. “N*gga wanna talk about cocaine problems and sh*t like that, yeah every real n*gga go through something. It takes a real n*gga to get up out of that and I’m a real a real motherf*cker that’s why I’m still here doin the damn thing. I did it and learned a lesson. But explain f*ckin a man? I heard it from the horses mouth!”


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