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New Music: Andre Molina – HMU

“hmu” is about a girl who tried to play me, but later realizes she just played herself because nobody does it better. 🌹 – André Molina.

New Music: Prohaize – Why Me

‘Tribal Wave’ pioneer Prohaize releases new single “Why Me.” The song is the first single off Pro’s upcoming ‘Tribal Wave’ EP.

New Music: TyShawn Dion – Humble Pie

“Humble Pie” is a laid back track that epitomizes what it means to “hold an L”. With smooth production, the track encompasses the tale that many have fallen victim to in infidelity: however, the...

New Music: Elliot Bless – No Rush

Right Now is the introduction to the EP, No Rush, which is part 1 of a 3 project series with time as the recurring theme. The record is a personal anecdote, profiling my perspective...